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My Story

My name is Chloe and I am a proud Wiradjuri, Yaegl woman honouring ancestry and culture through my journey of connection. Throughout my journey, my learnings, story and reflection of self is expressed within each art piece. Identity, culture, and family are so valuable to me. I cherish all of these three things and hold each deeply within.

I have always found comfort within expressing myself, my journeys, my hopes and dreams within a creative way.

From such a young age, my mental health formed a dark cloud. Through creativity, I found the calmness and safety that I needed. For quite some time, I channelled my energy elsewhere, in hopes to find happiness within. After many years of searching, I grew to love and appreciated 'me'. 


The fear of failure had always been overwhelming. However, learning acceptance from within, helped shift my values and self-doubts. I stepped out of my comfort zone - one step at a time - to grow into the woman that I am today. 

Welcome PP and I.jpg


April 2021, I became a Mumma to my beautiful daughter, Penelope. By becoming a new Mumma - feeling reborn and empowered - I've found strength within myself, in which, I never knew existed. Being the Mother that I am, I feared that is all I’m good for now. However, seeing my Penny grow every day, becoming so alert and curious of the world, gave me the drive that I needed. All that I do - my failures and achievements - is a new learning experience that I'm blessed to share with Penny and my incredible partner Dylan. At the end of any given day, that love we share with Penny outweighs anything else.


​Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding journey to be a part of.

I'm honoured to share my love for creativity, through a new perspective I continue to grow into. I established this business in honour of my daughter, with the inspiration to take another step outside my comfort zone, doing something that I love. Throughout this journey, my business as evolved immensely focusing deeply on my cultural journey of connection. Connecting deeper to my ancestry roots, honouring First Nations and bringing forth that honour through sharing my story, my culture through art.

Penny and I holding Childrens Journey.jpg

I always have and always will be incredibly honoured and proud to be a First Nations woman. To share my bloodline with my daughter is the most powerful connection. Growing up, the uneducated voices surrounded my honour, questioning my worth of being an Indigenous person. "How can you be, when you don't look like one?" To date, these questions still circle around me. It has taken me many years to overcome the sicken feeling within, to frustration, to wish to look a different way to feel accepted. Through an incredible amount of healing, focusing on what I can and will have control over, shaping my responses to educate those who question. Us First Nations People come in ALL colours, we are many shades of deadly. We are proud, and we honour the strengths within our roots.


Together as a family, we untie together to honour culture. Together we give each other the courage and strength to stand tall.

Much love,


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