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MAGNET BUNDLE SET • Journey to Self

MAGNET BUNDLE SET • Journey to Self


GIFT BUNDLE 2, featuring artwork Journey to Self.

The gift to give!

Bundle includes:

• mini canvas magnets, set of 3.

• mini vase + dish set

Each canvas magnet represents an alternative perspective on my artwork Journey to Self with each one drawing on the essence of of one’s own journey to self-discovery, healing, and evolvement.


Journey to Self Artwork: represents our deepest journey to self discovery. Here, we turn inwards to work on our open wounds that have not yet healed, and through the rawness of self love we evolve again.

  • Materials

    Ceramic vase and dish

    Acrylic paint

    Clear Gloss Varnish

    Acrylic on canvas



    Please note: the clear glass varnish adds a layer of protection to paint, to prevent yellowing/fading from direct sunlight. This added protection is not waterproof, therefore we recommand the mini pots for indoor use only. DO NOT WASH in hot/soapy water. A li ght dust over or wipe to clean excess is preferred.

  • Size

    Ceramic Vase:

    7.5cm (H) x 5.6cm (Dia.)

    Ceramic Dish:

    1.5cm(H) x 9.5cm(Dia)

    Canvas Magnet:

    10cm x 10cm (Dia.)

  • Additional Information

    Journey to Self: the story behind the art cards included.

    Please note: colour may appear lighter or darker within photos.

  • Recommended Use

    • Best suited for indoors.
    • Limit explosure of direct sunlight to avoid yellowing/fading of artwork.
    • DO NOT WASH IN HOT/SOAPY WATER: if needed, lightly dust over mini pots to clear away dirt to surface area.
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