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Healing Hands

Healing Hands


Healing Hands

Story behind the art: Through the growth within, Mother/Father extends their hand in reach of their younger self, reflected within child. Through their connection, they feel the love between heal their broken paths carried within adulthood. Both their child, and the child within responds to their reach, extending their hand. The nourishing comfort is given and received. As together, they create a path moving forward, healing all that is left behind.


Within this piece, I wanted to represent the childhood trauma we carry within us. As we grow into parenthood, our traumas circle within. The connection and love we feel so deeply to our children bring the comfort our own child selves need. We reflect, learn and move forward from the past, in hopes to create a better future for our children. Within the eyes of our children, we see our child selves staring back at us, desiring for the hope we once craved. Yet within the eyes alone of our children, they stare up at us with love, security and wonder.


As we now guide our children along their path, their healing hands guide us too. 




  • Materials

    • Acrylic paint on canvas.

    • Stretched Canvas, Cotton


      Pinewood exterior Frame

  • Size

    • 39cm x 39cm*

    *Measurements include exterior frame.

  • Additional Information

    • Certificate of Authenitcity and care instructions included.
    • READY TO HANG: canvas wire attached.
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