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Nurturing Mother

Nurturing Mother


Nurturing Mother

Story behind the art: Mother stands in awe, emerging herself deeply within the connection of mother and baby. As mother stands in awe, her glow radiates around her, the connection strengthening, the love circling within.


Within this piece, the deep connection of a mother and her baby is represented. Here, Mother surrenders herself to the powerful journey of pregnancy, trusting her body completely, to grow, nurture and nourish baby.




  • Materials

    • Acrylic paint on canvas.

    • Stretched Canvas, Cotton


      Pinewood exterior Frame

  • Size

    • 39cm x 39cm*

    *Measurements include exterior frame.

  • Additional Information

    • Certificate of Authenitcity and care instructions included.
    • READY TO HANG: canvas wire attached.
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